Not simply working on vacation, here's what workation really is and what the benefits can be.

Among the things that have undergone a drastic change of direction this past year is definitely the approach to work. There are those who go crazy at the computer all day within the walls of their homes, those who feel relief in avoiding rush hour transport and those who miss coffee breaks with colleagues.


The cross and delight of the Italians, smart working has undoubtedly changed the lifestyle of Italians, opening the frontiers to new approaches. Not only workers but also companies have found an advantage in this approach to work, which until recently was much more marginal. 

Workation: smartworking on vacation

At a time, therefore, when escaping from the walls of home and the chaos of the city seems to become a real necessity, the new approach to smart working starts in Spain, passes through Japan and finally arrives in Italy. 


What makes workation different from normal vacations?


Closing a call while walking along a beach and then taking a dip in the shimmering waters, sending an email from the edge of the pool and taking a dip while waiting for a reply, finishing the last task of the day and enjoying nature in a breathtaking landscape. All this, without having to worry about asking for days off, organizing with colleagues for shifts, framing days with your partner. 


Working in relaxation to be more productive 


Not only a benefit to the mind and body, working in a relaxing and quiet environment helps you produce more and perform your tasks better. According to a 2008 study published in the International Journal on Disability and Human Development, negative work environments cause insomnia, anxiety and depression. In contrast, a stimulating environment helps you sleep better and, as a result, be more focused and active during the day. 



What you need to work better

If you're planning to leave to enjoy your workation, you won't need much. Most facilities offer fast Wi-Fi, so you'll just need your laptop, smartphone, and comfortable shoes to enjoy your after-work walks. 


Always keep these tips in mind before booking the location that's right for you.

5 tips to optimize your work 


To feel comfortable, make sure you have a place without intrusive eyes and ears where you can relax.


Working in a bright place with the right amount of light is essential not only to perform your tasks properly but also to avoid experiencing health problems.


Essential to being able to do everything you need to do is to work in a place without noise. Find your corner in the silence to be able to work in the best conditions. 

Use the right tools 

There's a right tool for everything. Use the apps you need to optimize your work. 

Watch your schedule

Mixing work and home can lead over time to not being able to manage your time. Enjoy your moments and your relaxation, that's important to work well too!