As an Italy lover who was thinking about a trip to Sicily or even buying a house (check out the one-euro houses project!), you may have been looking for interesting facts about the place.


Sicily is a magical place, full of beautiful views and corners, which will give you romantic moments and unforgettable holidays. Today we want to take you to the heart of the island to discover facts and curiosities that you may not have known before. 


  1. Patrimonio Unesco 

Surely you have been lost among the wonders of this magical island. What you may not know is that Sicily is the richest region in Italy in terms of artistic and cultural heritage recognised by the World Heritage Organisation. 


Out of a total of 51 sites throughout Italy, seven are located in Sicily. This is an important number considering the vastness of the Italian territory. 


2. European Capital of street food


It's a well-known fact that you can eat well more or less anywhere in Italy, but it appears that Sicily is the winner as far as street food is concerned.


Palermo, the capital of Sicily, has been elected European Capital of Street Food. In a recent ranking compiled by Forbes, it was listed among the top five cities in the world with great street food, ranking first in Europe.


3. Between art and history 


It' s not just food and beautiful places to visit, it' s also art and inspiration for some of the greatest masterpieces of all time. According to reliable rumours, Pablo Picasso himself was inspired by the Triumph of Death in Palazzo Abatellis, Palermo. Guttuso said that it was Picasso himself who admitted that it was from there that he was inspired for one of his most famous masterpieces, Guernica. 


4. The first paper 


The oldest paper document in Europe, dated 1109, is kept in the State Archives in Palermo. It is a bilingual letter, written in Greek and Arabic, from Adelasia degli Aleramici, Countess of Sicily, who used paper as it was not a solemn document, for which parchment was still used.


5. Unspoilt nature


A place where pure nature meets art, where you can live in close contact with the environment. One of the richest places in terms of protected areas: 5 Regional Parks, 72 Nature Reserves and 6 Marine Protected Areas, not forgetting the spectacle of active volcanoes.


Two of Italy's three active volcanoes are in Sicily: Stromboli and Etna. Etna is the highest active volcano in Europe, and around 25% of Sicily's population lives on its slopes. Enjoy a never-before-seen spectacle that will leave you speechless.


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