Poggio alla Rocca

Poggio alla Rocca, Localita' Monte Acuto, 58045 Pari, GR, Italia


By staying in Poggio alla Rocca (consisting of only 5 exclusive apartments for an unforgettable experience in contact with authentic local Tuscan life) you can dominate with your eyes a breathtaking view, from the Sienese hills to Montalcino, from Val d'Orcia to Monte Amiata up to slip into the lower Maremma.

You will be able to enjoy uncontaminated nature, a sky full of stars and discover the benefits of thermal waters just 5km away (Terme di Petriolo): near us (3 km) you will find 2 food shops, 2 restaurants and 1 pizzeria.


Services included



a) supply of pool towels


b) swimming pool water control: for your and especially for the health of your children we have installed an automatic pH / Redox-Chlorine regulator to avoid manual dosages not in line with compliance with the requirements of the law L.R n.23 / 14 on the requirements sanitation of swimming pools; the pool water is constantly monitored by a control unit with PH and Chlorine dosage to the extent necessary to reach the legal parameters.



Inside the apartments it is possible to connect via cable or wifi while outside it is possible to connect via a private wi-fi network


SATELLITE ANTENNA: all apartments are equipped with a satellite antenna decoder; just turn on the decoder and the TV switches to satellite channels to watch channels in all languages.


SUPPLY OF NATURIZED WATER: it is possible to request a daily supply of sparkling water, and / or chilled natural or natural room temperature using the hermetically sealed bottles available in each apartment. '' elimination of unpleasant tastes and the treatment of chemical impurities Naturized water is a fresh and safe water of high quality that is obtained thanks to a filtering group called nanodisinfector (Ministry of Health approval n.400.4 / 18.10.A / 45); it is a preserved product unlike bottled mineral water and does not require the disposal of plastic and glass bottles.


SUPPLY OF OUR PRODUCTION WINE AND OIL: it is possible to request the supply of red and white wine of our production (natural without added sulphites) at the price of 5 € for the 75cl bottle and 5 € for the 25 cl bottle of extra virgin olive oil (see the reviews of our oil and wine on the website): payment is made at the end of the stay.


MINI BAR: in the room in front of the bathroom under the pool, a fridge with soft drinks for free consumption is available to guests. The price of each drink is € 1.


COCKPIT FREEZER: a freezer compartment is available in the room near the barbecue behind sunset. Each guest can use the special cooler bag supplied with each apartment to keep their frozen products, ice creams, etc. in addition to the fridge freezer.


BARBECUE USE: the 2 barbecue stations (gazebo at the Alba apartment level) can be used by guests. If occupied, the use of the other 2 barbecues located behind the Tramonto private apartment (apartment where the owners live) may be required.


WASTE COLLECTION: daily organic and unsorted waste can be left by the guest, tightly closed in the appropriate bags, at any time of the day, in the special containers so as not to have unpleasant odors in the apartments and to have to move from Poggio alla Rocca.


INSECT CATCHING MACHINE: Near the 2 waste collection centers there are 2 professional machines for the 85% reduction of bloodsucking insects (mosquitoes, sand flies, gadflies, etc.) and annoying (flies, gnats, etc.); they are completely harmless to all other insects such as bees, ladybugs, etc.


LAUNDRY: a 9 kg washing machine, a dryer, a sink, an ironing board and an iron are available adjacent to the Sughera apartment;


RACK: for all guests (with the exception of Sole who has a drying rack accessible from the window) there is a drying rack on the lower level of the hill where there is also the bathroom and the minibar.

DISCOUNT TERME DI PETRIOLO (5 km away): for all guests who want to use the hot water spa of Petriolo at 42 °, the list of discounted prices reserved for our guests can be downloaded under Download Doc.


BOOKS: on request



VHS CASSETTES and Blu Ray DVDs: on request


The owners, Francesco and Susanna, are waiting for you here, without their animal friends, to pass on the things of this part of Tuscany again.


Poggio alla Rocca was awarded:

- from Maremmaguide as one of the best locations in Maremma - Tuscany

- from Astronomitaly as one of the most beautiful skies in Italy


It is one of the 120 hotels throughout Italy that meet the quality criteria set for widespread hotels.


It is among the 14 "Maremma Toscana Green" structures



The local children - since ancient times - dreamed of the Rocca di Monte Acuto and looked fascinated at those ruins of mystery since their grandparents told them that, up there, under the arch of a large door, crouching, there was a mother hen. gold with its golden chicks…. In fact, the legend says: "There was a powerful king who reigned in the lands of Tuscany and ordered the goldsmiths who worked at his command, to honor the glory of the King, to make a golden hen with many golden chicks, to So that the King was also powerful over the kingdom of nature. A beautiful work succeeded but the hordes of barbarians, who came down after the death of the King, stole it and hid it under the Rocca di Monte Acuto! "

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Poggio alla Rocca, Localita' Monte Acuto, 58045 Pari, GR, Italia

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