Thinking about Italy also makes you think about the warm beaches, the sun, the high temperatures. Obviously, Italy is a paradise for those who decide to visit it in winter. But there are places that, more than others, are the best choice to spend a peaceful Christmas and why not, even throughout the month of January and February.


Cortina d'Ampezzo

Cortina is one of the most famous cities and one of the main destinations for ski lovers. It is located a few hours from Venice, and is surrounded by the Dolomites. The town is very beautiful to visit and offers many decorations especially in winter, so there are also many festivals (and you can also taste the delicious wines of the North).



Mainly visited in Summer, Venice becomes a wonder in December and January. This is because you can see, if you are lucky, the canals of the city and the bridges covered with snow and surrounded by Christmas lights that make it a spectacular landscape. The Carnival of Venice, one of the most important and beautiful in Italy, takes place in February and is a great way to greet the winter season waiting for spring.


Turin is a royal city located in the North East of Italy that during Winter becomes truly unique and unrepeatable. The Artist’s Lights are present throughout the winter and are very beautiful installations that you can find throughout the city. In Piazza Castello and Piazza Solferino you can find the largest and most beautiful Christmas markets.



Rome is the capital of Italy and is beautiful all year round. But in Winter, with the snowy Colosseum, it becomes even more beautiful. This is an optimal time to visit the city as it is mainly empty, in fact tourists usually prefer to visit the city in summer. This way you can avoid the endless queues inside the museums and enjoy a city rich in history.



The third largest city in Italy, Naples. Famous for its torrid summers and a mild winter, it is the right compromise for those who want to visit in peace a historic center without the cold of winter. The snowy Vesuvius is also a sight for sore eyes. Naples is also famous for the nativity scenes reproduced, the so-called nativity scenes, which can be admired especially in the historic center (San Gregorio Armeno). There is nothing more beautiful than visiting the city while enjoying a slice of pizza.



It is located in Valle d'Aosta, one of the northernmost regions of Italy, more precisely in the northwest. Both Italian and French are spoken here, mainly because of the influences of neighbouring France and Switzerland. The region is famous for skiing and hiking. Courmayeur is famous for its alpine resorts and for hosting every winter hundreds of thousands of tourists interested in snow and cold mountain climates. The ski season is between December and April but what not everyone knows is also the fact that you can enjoy this wonderful city even in the summer months: when the snow melts, In fact, you can admire the endless expanses of greenery and woods that stand out across the horizon. You can take the Mont Blanc SkyWay, a cable car that allows you to see the incredible view of the Italian Alps.

Reaching Courmayeur is very simple: you can both get there by car from Milan, with a trip of just two and a half hours. Or two hours from Turin. The nearest airport is Turin, but also Milan Linate or Malpensa. We advise you to try all the winter dishes and especially to taste the local cheeses and meats.